Ada’s at Tivoli Village

Ada’s at Tivoli Village is nothing less than memorable. So much so that we have eaten here twice in one day from time to time. Teaser alert…you will have to read to the end to hear about the best part. Ada’s is a new restaurant from celebrated Chef, James Trees. 

Cauliflower with Anchovy, chili & garlic

First Impressions

My first time eating here I was in between showings, had a little time and decided to stop by. I had been hearing quite a bit of buzz surrounding the opening, but usually, restaurants do not live up to the hype. However, I am so happy to have been wrong about this one; this is no hype; this is the real deal with a fantastic atmosphere and even better food. As proof that the food is outstanding, I ordered the cauliflower, only the cauliflower and have been back as often as possible since. 

As a nod to all things downtown, Chef Trees has employed other downtown purveyors in his newest restaurant. Clay Arts Vegas has supplied plates, bowls, coffee cups, and water pitchers to grace the tables. Not to be outdone, Vesta Coffee Roasters provides the beans for cappuccinos and ice cream. I genuinely appreciate and resonate with the local vibe that the team at Ada’s has constructed.


Second Visit

On a rare day that my husband and I are together for lunch, I decided that Ada’s was the place to go. When I brought home the leftover cauliflower from my first visit, my family gobbled it up the same way I had on my first visit earlier that day. Again, the talented group at Ada’s did not disappoint. Cauliflower was the first choice on our list, then the pizza and lastly the mussels. The pizza lived up to the hype and then some. The mussels were a little late to the party, but I would now wait all day for the deliciousness that arrived. Creamy, buttery, and spicy all in the same bite, they were worth the wait. 

Later that day

Margherita Pizza

We had such a lovely meal without the kids that we decided to let them in on our new find. By now we have now fallen head over heels in love with Ada’s. So much that we ate outside in Vegas in the summer, that is a true testament to devotion. By the way, we weren’t the only ones. Not only is the menu refreshing, but the staff has been nothing short of phenomenal. I wish I could tell you what we ate that night, but I don’t remember. Not because it wasn’t amazing but because what came after dinner has taken my affection Ada’s to an entirely new level. What happened next, I have never experienced during a meal, so I am not quite sure I have the words, but I will try.

Best Ice Cream

My great aunt is in her nineties. She lives in New Mexico. Our favorite times as kids were spending time at her house during the summer. One of the things I remember the most vividly was the mint growing in her garden. She, of course, grew other things in her garden bu the mint made itself know with its fragrant smell. She would make us hot mint tea for a belly ache and mint iced tea for a refreshing summer drink. 

Fast forward to our family dinner at Ada’s and desert. I must mention that I am a sucker for mint-n-chip ice cream. Naturally, when the menu states that this version will ruin your appetite for every other version, I was not buying it. I almost didn’t order it for fear of disappointment. Let me tell you, and I am so glad I did! 

Here is where my flashback restaurant experience starts. Arriving at the table appeared a bowl of green, I immediately inhaled a whiff of mint. Not the artificial mint that is so prevalent but honest to goodness straight from the garden bright, crisp mint. As the first spoonful entered my mouth, I back in my aunt’s garden. A young girl, wandering through a garden, unlike anything I had seen growing up in Vegas. I so treasured my time there, and I am so grateful to Ada’s for taking me back there. The best part is, I can now go back whenever I want simply by getting a scoop of Spearmint Chip that indeed has ruined every other “mint chip” ice cream for me.