Tis’ the season to get your sh*t together

Most years start with us reflecting on what we failed at throughout the current year and want to change for the “new” year. We criticize our efforts in our personal life, fitness journey, or business, to name a few.  

However, this year we are more than happy to put 2020 in the rearview mirror. It seems as if we have adopted the mentality that we’re all in the same boat. We may even be slightly nervous about what 2021 has in store for us, given its predecessor.

For me, I look back at what I accomplished throughout this year that quite possibly without the upheaval of this past year, I may not have pushed through some of the barriers that I was using as a sort of safety net of comfort. Not yet ready to propel forward for fear of the unknown, I was glad to have those barriers in my way.

With all its upheaval, 2020 brought me to a place of renewed discovery of how I wanted to operate my business.

Who I wanted to help and the voice I wanted to share. Now don’t get me wrong, the process of self-discovery has been decades in the making, but I was finally in a place to ask for help.

Asking for help from my perspective meant a sign of weakness, a need for someone to jump in and rescue me. I didn’t realize the power in recognizing that where you lacked, others thrived, and where you thrived, you could help others who needed your strength.

The women on this list are by no means the only individuals who have been on this journey with me, but they have been instrumental in allowing me to navigate through processes that I never imagined I would ask for help with. All the while, not pushing, demanding, or shaming me for not having done so earlier.

When you’re ready to give your business, financial life, family planning, or mindset a kick in the pants, these women are my go to’s for success.

Lisa Chastain | Best Selling Author of Girl Get Your $hit Together

Lisa has been a game-changer in my life. We met at a networking event in a bowling alley, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

To say Lisa is a financial literacy guru is not adequate to explain her. She brought me out of some deep-set generational denial of how I felt about myself where money was concerned. Then she walked me through step by step to change that mindset & know my worth. 

Lisa Chastain‘s knack for getting you back to what is essential in life while blending that seamlessly with your financial well being is truly wizard status!

Shane Jasmine Young | Young Law Group

Until meeting the namesake of Young Law Group, Shane Jasmine Young, estate planning was something other people did. My parents didn’t plan, and I sure wasn’t about to tempt fate by having “that” discussion. 

I don’t have the kind of assets that would require this, right?! Wrong! 

Almost a year after meeting for the first time, yes, it takes me a minute to trust people. We were finally ready to make some changes. Partly due to this pandemic but more importantly, I want to leave my children without the burden of our lack of preparedness.

Shane has helped my family navigate the estate planning process and made me think about generational wealth’s crucial aspects, including homeownership and growing that wealth. 

Yes, it is possible, and she can guide you too!

Kri Edholm | kricopro

If you’re looking for the person responsible for not only my professionally done videos but also me starting to do videos at all, it’s Kri Edholm, owner of KRICO Productions. Yes, she’s fabulous and has become an integral part of my business.

She was the first person who told me to stop over-complicating things when I started doing video for my business over a year ago. She said, “Use what you have; you don’t need expensive equipment.” I had convinced myself, also know as self-sabotage, that it would not be possible for me to accomplish what I wanted until Kri gave me a boost of confidence that it was.

Kri is one of those individuals that has taken this year and reimagined the possibilities. She is an incredible strategy partner, website fixer(cause I broke it), videographer, and all-around treasure.  

Anyone would be lucky to have her guidance!

So there you have it, my magic formula, my small but mighty army and the best new year’s resolutions!

You don’t have to start big, just start! If you get tired, rest. Then start again.  

Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow has not yet been written; all we have is the now. So my resolution, even though I don’t make resolutions, is to live in the now. Everything else has been done or will wait.

2021 here we come!

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