If you thought entertainment only happened at the casinos or Cirque shows, you would be surprised to know entertainment happens on our streets daily!


Have you ever seen an orange traffic cone on the road when you’re driving around town? If not, you may not have been driving around Las Vegas, or you may have been in an Uber. If you’ve lived here long enough, you might have heard that our wonderfully beautiful(insert sarcasm) cones, cones everywhere which we locals refer to as our state flower.


Yes, my lovelies, you’re supposed to merge. Zipper merge, yes, it’s a thing. Let me read Webster’s definition; two separate roadways will converge into one lane ahead. Now that we know what merging means to know, this process is a very rare sighting in Las Vegas. If you’d like to know what the hold up is on our freeways, all roads lead to merging.


Have you heard of “The Spaghetti Bowl”? No, we’re not talking about a bowl of spaghetti at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Locals’ have lovingly used this term as a description for that “spaghetti bowl” full of twisted roads: the I 15 / US 95 plot twist, I mean interchange. Do you think this reference is accurate?


Speed limits? What are those?! I kid, I kid! Seriously though, since when was 85 the new speed limit on the freeway?


The good news is… you’re generally only 30 minutes max to anywhere in the city. Take that, California! It takes 3 hours to go 15 miles in California; in Vegas, it takes 30 minutes to go 25 miles.


You would think the idea is simple, right?! Go around in a circle until you get to the street you want and then exit. You see, if I hadn’t already mentioned the merging thing, then maybe it would be easy, but merging in this town is no laughing matter, so beware of roundabouts.

HOV lanes

We disagree that it’s our fault as HOV lanes are relatively new to us locals. Still, the acronym HOV must mean highly obnoxious violators since everyone else can see there is only one person in the car, but the driver gives no f’s!

And there you have it. Everything I know after driving in Las Vegas for the last few decades. I hope that this public service announcement has been helpful and that you can find the humor in navigating the streets of Las Vegas cause you’re going to need to laugh to survive these mean streets! Lol! Peace Out!

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