EATT Gourmet Bistro | Lobster with Linguini

Vegan Menu

I was introduced to EATT Gourmet Bistro by the owners of One Eleven Ltd. who are frequent visitors. By frequent, I mean once or possibly twice a week. They eat a vegan diet and assured me that there was more on the menu since I am not vegan. However, the vegan menu at EATT is impressive. There are soups, entrees, desserts and yes, do not fret, there are impressive salads and appetizers! I so despise wasting money on food that does not quite match my expectations it took me a while to make my way to finally sit down and enjoy a meal. But enjoy it I did!


Duck Breast

Now here is where I get excited. I had the Duck Breast and my husband had the Lobster pictured above. About half-way through I had to bat my eyes to get him to switch with me so I could enjoy the rest of his lobster. I do not think he cared though since he had that succulent duck breast to finish. What makes me even more excited to return is that they change the menu throughout the year to include seasonal ingredients in their dishes. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for the fall menu!


Anyone who knows me is aware that my favorite part of any meal is dessert. It takes quite a bit of restraint to keep me from ordering dessert at the beginning of the meal. However, I do have children so I attempt to be a good example to them. I do not always succeed but I try! We shared the Praline Cream Puffs. Just pause here for a moment and take in that sentence! I could have had anything on the dessert menu but cream puffs are my husband’s favorite. They melted in your mouth!

Lemon Ginger Iced Tea

Lemon Ginger Iced Tea

Yes, I know, this sounds like I have lost my mind. Well, I haven’t! It is that good! We had shown houses for about nine hours on one of the hottest days so far this summer and I could have had five gallons of this tea. Refreshing does not even begin to describe it. Then to find out that Jessica, waitress, tea maker, extraordinaire made it fresh that day was just the icing on this delicious cake. If you have not been here you have been missing out. Do not let another day go by before you are hooked! When you go let Jessica know that Eileen sent you!