Luxury homes in Las Vegas often come with unique architectural designs and custom-tailored designs, and the Jewel Home collection is at the top of that list. Peter Lik designer homes, like the Jewel Home collection, offer something special that other luxury homes just don’t have – each home is artistically crafted with unique angles and living space you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

From lighting, to textures, Peter Lik designer homes bring all key elements into play with the grain of the southwest landscape. Everything is taken into consideration, nothing is off limits in terms of design, craftsmanship, and landscape. When you live in a Peter Lik designer home, you will experience picturesque and high-end couture, a renewed mix of travel and architecture with a modern & minimalist interior. These homes are made with style, artistry, and unique technical skills that you won’t see anywhere else.

Peter Lik Designer Homes

Lik designer homes set the bar high for luxury living, and his latest luxury home designs, Jewel Homes, are making a big splash in southern Nevada real estate. 

Peter Lik has over thirty-five years of fine art and Master Photography skills. In recent years, he has been pushing beyond his comfort zone, by adding a new collection of diverse real estate to his repertoire of artistic skills. His new collection, Jewel Homes, is catching the attention of top industry insiders and real estate experts. 

Peter Lik is the creative artist behind the Jewel Homes collection, which is quickly getting noticed for its beautiful architecture and astounding craftsmanship. Every home showcases Lik’s architectural designs and includes textures, like stone, wood, and steel for a unique, yet warm experience. The style could be described as “natural landscape meets a minimalistic design” for a refreshing look that brings nature and wellness front and center. 

Jewel Homes 

Jewel homes elevate the living experience when it comes to luxury real estate. The homes follow a “less is more” approach to design, with a minimalist interior aesthetic. His inspiration for these designs was cultivated through his experiences traveling around the world, and largely, to places like Greece and the Mediterranean. Lik’s designer lens and ideas for these homes are rooted in the belief that true luxury does not compete with nature but complements it. 

You can expect unique designs like chunks of carved stone as a kitchen island, and other textures, like live-edge wood, that’s been carefully crafted as a built-in statement piece. 

Natural beauty, a chance to connect with the Earth, is placed in every crevice of these designer homes. Plus, the homes are located on nearly a half acre of land. So they come with that secluded vibe and privacy to give you the space you need to live comfortably and connect with the world around you. 

Move Into A Designer Home Today!

Find your designer home today in one of the Peter Lik designs, located in Las Vegas! 

Living in a home that matches the way you feel inside, is essential to a happy lifestyle. The right textures, layout, lighting, and space make all the difference to your everyday living. Peter Lik designer homes are one of a kind and are reaching new heights in real estate conversations, and for good reason. Reach out to me to see if these exquisite designer homes are the right style for you!