Preparing your house to sell can be easy. Just follow these 10 tips to show your home in the best light possible.

Price it right

Overpriced does not sell! Yes, getting more money for your home, in theory, is the way to go. However, if you allow your home to be priced above the current market conditions you may be doing yourself a disservice. Overpriced homes sit on the market without offers and buyers lose interest.

Curb appeal

Clean up! When potential buyers drive up to your home for the first time they want to be wowed. Trim trees and bushes, mow the lawn. Little things go a long way to inviting the next owner of your home to come inside and imagine themselves living there.


Next, touch up the paint. Interior paint should be touched up in worn areas. Especially if your little ones chose tinker bell green which glows in the dark. Exterior paint can be as simple as scraping any loose paint off the eaves and throwing on a fresh coat to brighten up the curb appeal.


This is a big one! We all love to display our belongings. However, this could deter potential buyers if they cannot imagine their own belongings in the home. So, it is best to clean out everything you are not using and box it up. After all, you will need to box it up soon anyway so you may as well get started.


Caulking is frequently overlooked however, it can really brighten up a room. So, out with the old, in with the new is my motto. Strip away the old caulking and replace it with a fresh clean white caulk that will say you really take care of your home.


This is really is a bright idea! Pun intended. Replacing burnt-out lightbulbs and replacing them with new ones will make your home shine. The professional photos of your home will look amazingly lit and very inviting. So, light it up and show it off!

Hire a Professional

A Realtor® statistically gets you more money according to NAR. Giving you tips like preparing your house to sell is just one of the ways we offer value.

Take down your family photos

There are many reasons your family photos should be taken down. First, security. Photos of your family should never be on display for individuals you do not know. Secondly, show buyers, you are ready to sell by removing your family from the walls. It seems like a small thing but now they can see the walls as a place they can hang their family photos.

Hire a handyman for small repairs

It gets hectic while trying to do everything needed to move. Whether it is across town or accross the country it is stressful. To take a little off your plate hire a handyman to do the noticeable repairs that you want to tackle prior to your house going on the market. A licensed handyman can do things like replace caulking, GFCI outlets and minor stucco repair.

Deep Clean

Last but certainly not least, clean out closets and cabinets. Since again, you will eventually have to do it you may as well get started and box it up. It will save you rushing to do it all at once and your closets and cabinets will look spacious and clean.