The Ultimate Guide to Skye Canyon Real Estate | Luxury Living in Las Vegas

As one of the fastest growing master plan communities in Las Vegas, Skye Canyon has attracted top-quality builders such as Toll Brothers, Century Communities, and Lennar. Toll Brothers is bringing luxury to the space with their five communities ranging from single story to larger two stories, selling anywhere from the low $500,000s to completed move-in ready products at about $900,000. Century Communities, owned by Olympia Companies who also owns the land Skye Canyon is being built on, has been a staple of the Sky Canyon build from day one.

Skye Canyon is not just a place to live, it’s a community. The fit lifestyle is encouraged with discounts for Skye Canyon residents on lift tickets at Lee Canyon, 5Ks, a sidewalk chalk contest, and a weekly farmers market. The Skye Canyon Marketplace offers a unique shopping experience with a Smith’s that has a wine bar, a Neighborhood Emergency Room, banks, restaurants, and even a Wolfgang Bakery for your furry friends. The location is also ideal, being one exit away from Mount Charleston and having a lower temperature than other parts of the valley due to its proximity to Red Rock Canyon. With all these benefits and more, it’s no wonder that Skye Canyon feels like a true community.

Key Takeaways

  • Skye Canyon is a fast-growing master plan community in Las Vegas with top-quality builders such as Toll Brothers and Century Communities.
  • The community encourages a fit lifestyle with discounts on lift tickets, 5Ks, farmers markets, and more.
  • The Skye Canyon Marketplace offers a unique shopping experience with a Smith’s that has a wine bar and a Neighborhood Emergency Room.

Builders in Skye Canyon

At Skye Canyon, we have some of the top builders in the valley. Toll Brothers, Century Communities, and Lennar are all constructing homes in our community. Toll Brothers is bringing luxury to the area with their five communities, which include single-story and two-story homes. The Toll Brothers homes are selling from the low $500,000s to completed move-in ready products that are around $900,000 to $1,000,000. The homes have a charming farmhouse feel on the outside and are laid out beautifully, making them perfect for any family situation.

Century Communities is owned by Olympia Companies, who also own the remaining land in Skye Canyon. They have been a staple in the Skye Canyon build from the start, and their homes have a lot to offer. You’ll love the variety of homes and amenities that Century Communities has to offer.

Community Features

Skye Canyon started very strong. They built their fitness facility, clubhouse, and pools right in phase one. Now, in phase three, they have added Starlight Park, that was named by some current residents of the community, and it really does speak to how many stars you can see out there, where there’s not all of the light pollution from the city. You really do have a great vantage point of the night sky out there, so Starlight Park really does ring true.

One of the taglines that you might be familiar with if you know anything about Skye Canyon is “fit lives here,” and they really do mean it. They have partnered with Lee Canyon to get discounts for Skye Canyon residents on lift tickets, whether it’s in the summer or in the winter. They always have these amazing events, such as 5Ks, a sidewalk chalk contest (which some of these artists you wouldn’t believe that their creations are in chalk), and the farmers market that they have every single week. They really do want their residents eating healthy, getting in that activity, and participating in community events that bring everyone together.

All of the shopping for Skye Canyon is condensed into the Skye Canyon Marketplace, and the anchor of that Marketplace is the Smiths. This Smiths is not your average typical Smiths. It has a wine bar in it where maybe if your significant other doesn’t like to shop, they can grab a glass of wine and just sit and wait for you to be done. It really is a unique place right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of everybody grocery shopping. The other addition that they’ve made there is the Neighborhood Emergency Room, which is kind of nice because if there is something that’s happening, they will take on some cases, and then if they’re severe enough, they send you to the hospital that they are partnered with. Having that neighborhood ER and the wait times are so much lower than if you went into the regular Hospital ER, so that is an addition that they have made out there that really does seem to have made a difference at least for our family.

You are going to love the convenience of everything that they have there, from the banks to the restaurants to the Wolfgang Bakery, which is where you can get all of your dog food and supplies for your dogs and cats. It is really a great location, and if you want to, you can also get gas at the Smith’s Marketplace. The fact that you are one exit away from being able to go up to Mount Charleston means that the temperature in Sky Canyon is always a little bit lower than in other areas of the valley. You really are right on par with the temperatures that are right around Red Rock Canyon because right where those mountains are, you’re not getting as much of the heat that you would in other parts of the valley, which makes it appealing to some people.

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