If you are looking for a Summerlin Community with action, activity, and community, Summerlin Centre could be calling your name. Summerlin Centre was designed to be the heart of Summerlin and of the master plan community. This central location is known to be the hub of all things Summerlin, and that is exactly why it was created. This hot spot has a lot of action, while also having the luxury of living within walking distance of walking trails, major attractions, and local small-town favorite destinations. 

Plus, if you love to shop, downtown Summerlin is the mecca of luxury and local shopping. You will find prime retail stores, chain restaurants, mom-and-pop shops, and even Costco is located nearby. The Summerlin Centre truly has it all and offers everything you need to live in Summerlin, Las Vegas.

Summerlin Centre Sports and Schools

Summerlin Centre offers stores galore, local and chain restaurants, and so much more. And most recently, Summerlin has become a haven for sports and entertainment. Professional sports are practicing and playing in the Summerlin community, bringing excitement and fun to local sports fans. Whether you want to enjoy a baseball game, watch the Golden Knights practice, or join a local sports team, there is plenty of action to choose from. Everything is close together, with City National Arena located right next to the BallPark. And one more unique feature, you can even swim in a swimming pool while watching a baseball game all at the same time–How great is that? 

Another part of the Summerlin Centre reputation is the schools. This part of Summerlin is known to have great public and private schools. And that includes the public West Career and Technical Academy. Your kids can apply to attend and start learning about important careers, such as cyber security, nursing, and biotech. 

Summerlin Centre is still growing and adding new features to the local community. One area that is brand new and still under construction, is the Urban Center, located just south of the Las Vegas Ballpark – and home to the Aviators. Here, they are going to have a ten-story Urban Center where you can access luxury apartments, a sky lounge, and even a dog park. Keep an eye out for when they begin renting these stunning apartments. You won’t want to miss out! 

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