2020 will go down as the year for me that challenged everything I knew. What I know about myself, my values, how I run my business, and what it means to connect.

Let’s start with connection because, honestly, this has changed the most and impacted every other change that I mentioned.

Connection for me pre-2020 was face to face, nose to nose, sitting right across from someone so that if they made me laugh, I could reach out and smack them a good one just to let them know how funny I think they are. You have no idea how happy my friends and family are that this “fun” expression of love has now moved virtual.

Virtual in my life had the following association, impersonal, distant, and mostly unpreferred.

Then I started to think about all of the ways that I have been able to connect more during this time. I have streamlined The Real Las Vegas to include virtual showings, home tours, listing appointments, weekly strategy sessions, meeting clients for the first time. Honestly, so many hours in my day have been regained courtesy of not needing to drive all over town every day, sitting in traffic, and throwing the occasional bird.

The thing I do not love about this virtual world is that I have to cancel my client party this year. Yes! It SUCKS! But, I’m coming up with inventive ways to connect and celebrate even though we cannot be in the same room.

So let’s reframe. We all feel the lack of normalcy, but what’s so great about normal? Normal can lead to boredom, which lends itself to lack of excitement, bringing on resentment.

Let’s use this time to make life look like we want it to look. Let’s come together instead of retreating to our corners. Let’s reach out and open up. Just because things are different doesn’t mean it’s terrible.

I choose to embrace the change. Because, after all, isn’t change what brings about growth?

So this Thanksgiving, while I will have time with my Vegas family, I choose to check up on everyone else via Zoom. Even virtually, I can wish them peace, love, and happiness. Kiss their faces through a screen and feel their love even if they’re a thousand miles away.

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