It’s true: the housing market is changing. No need to freak out, just to get organized. The Las Vegas real estate market is steady and still thriving, but we want to look at trends, plan ahead, and keep your home competitive moving forward in a changing housing market. 

According to a recent article by FORBES: “Sales continued to increase over last year and prices remain stable… In most markets, sellers overcorrected on their pricing months ago, so the over asking price craziness has already settled down.” The housing market may go up and down, but there are still plenty of opportunities to be competitive in this market as a seller, and I am going to share with you a few of those tips now. Just remember, when you take the right steps and focused action, you can achieve quite a lot.

NOTE: To help calm some nerves around the changing housing market and the big “R” word…recession…Check out my recent blog where I cover a few facts about the Las Vegas housing market and what to expect! I hope this gives you some clarity and peace of mind as you prepare to buy or sell your home in Southern Nevada. 

Price Your Home Correctly

Before you do anything at all, be sure to price the home correctly. If you don’t, your house will “sit,” meaning that it will become stagnant and get zero traction. To avoid this pitfall and frustration, get ahead of the curve by pricing accurately and accordingly to the new market changes. There is a huge influx of new homes coming onto the market, which means that your home will now be in competition with all of them. So, pricing your home is truly key here to beat out the rest.

Make Your Home A Show Stopper

Your home needs to be show worthy, because buyers will make a decision within a matter of seconds after walking into your home. This is why everything must be in tip-top shape. Think about decluttering, depersonalizing, and keeping it clean and bright. If you need help, contact a home stager who can help make your home show ready. 

Hire A Professional

It is in your best interest to hire a real estate professional who will spend the money to help prepare your home for the changing housing market. Such preparations can include but are not limited to: 

  • Professional photos
  • Marketing materials 
  • A 3D video of your home tour

The photos themselves are the first impression that potential buyers will see, before they even step foot into your home. If you want these marketing materials to be crystal clear, professional, and eye-popping, make sure that whoever you hire is investing in your property correctly. 

Get Started Selling Your Home in a Changing Housing Market

Are you ready to take the first step in selling your home? Let’s connect and we can review your unique situation, needs, and expectations. We can optimally position your home to sell in a changing housing market, give me a call to make it happen.