The Coffee Class is a new specialty coffee house in Vegas! Even as I am writing this, I cannot look at the pictures without feeling the urge to drop everything and drive over there. Mind you, and this location is nowhere near my office. It is that good!

Chai Tea

I have a long-standing love affair with chai tea. At every coffee shop that serves chai, I ask the same question. Does your chai have more vanilla or spice? Any true chai lover knows that there is a difference. Very often, I am disappointed when told that their chai is spicy and then it is not. So much for my whining, because that is not the case at The Coffee Class. They have a Dairy-Free Nitro Cold Brew Chai! Yes, you read that correctly! The creamy part comes from oat milk. If I had known this first, I more than likely would not have ordered it, but it is magical! However, I am now hooked and will make any excuse I can to get to this drink! It is that good!

Orange Blossom French Toast Custard


If you know me, then you are aware of my sweet tooth. If you do not know me yet, I just spilled my secret obsession. Also, a well-known fact amongst my family is that I am a bit of a french toast snob. I make a perfect french toast that I, of course, reserve for special occasions. To my amazement, however, The Coffee Class outperforms me on a grand scale. Enter in their Orange Blossom French Toast Custard! This masterpiece is french toast, bread pudding, and ooey-gooey coffee cake all mixed into one. With just the right amount of orange, cinnamon, and deliciousness, you must try this delectable dish.

Spinach Mushroom Tart


Not to be outdone by the masterpieces as mentioned above, in comes the savory. The Spinach Mushroom Tart is a cannot miss in contrast to the sweetness of the French Toast Custard. I cannot even describe how flaky this crust is. With just a hint of goat cheese, the blending of all these ingredients is beyond the ordinary.

All the yummy stuff!

So much more

Las Vegas is such a fantastic place to live and own a business. I love supporting amazing, locally owned companies and know that as a community if we embrace them, they will thrive. The Coffee Class is one of those businesses that should be here for the long haul. They opened August 1, 2019, and I live more than 20 miles away and have been here three times as of this publishing, so it must be amazing! Go check them out and try all the new amazing things I haven’t tried yet and let me know what you think. I am sure you will be just as delighted as I am.