Another year is coming to a close. However, unlike many years the start of 2020 is also a start to a new decade. No matter how you have felt about the previous decade, this one is starting soon regardless. What will you make happen in this bright and shiny new decade?

The last decade has brought many changes to my life — I had the last of my five children. I said goodbye to my father. We celebrated twenty years of marriage, and we still like each other. BONUS! Welcomed two grandbabies, donated a kidney to my daughter, and got my first of what is bound to be many tattoos. Life has never been more fulfilled. Amidst the chaos that is life, I decided at the beginning of this decade to get my real estate license because life was just not busy enough. Insert sarcasm emoji! 

Fast forward ten years, and I believe that I have found my place within this industry. It was not easy. I started part-time not having the confidence to or knowledge of how to run a business. Then as my confidence grew, as well as my children, I had more time on my hands to dive in full time. Once I did, I realized that the status quo was not how I wanted to operate my business. Counting transactions has never been my thing. The ability to laugh, smile, and yes sometimes cry, all while accomplishing the goals of my clients, genuinely brings me joy!

Additionally, I added another service to my clients in 2019, commercial tenant representation. Since many of my clients are business owners, this seemed to be a natural progression, which leads me to the necessary next step of putting my business philosophy into words. 


Community is what brings us together. I have heard that living in Las Vegas can be hard. That community is hard to find. While at times in my 40 years living here, I have known that feeling myself. However, we are a truly dynamic city filled with amazing individuals and a thriving core that is available to support and nurture. We have to look, and we’ll find it. If you don’t know where to start, let’s talk.

Collaboration allows us to build community. I so much enjoy bringing people together that can fill a need for one another. Business owners who provide a service that someone didn’t know existed. Startups that need help getting their footing in taking that first step. Something as simple as finding a gym, a bicycle repair shop, or the best place in Vegas to get a corndog. Collaboration is where we meet, how we expand our horizons, and, ultimately, how communities thrive.

Real Estate is where we live, whether it’s where your business or family lives. Sounds simple, I know. Ironically though without community and collaboration, are we home? Las Vegas is my home! I have lived here for 40 years in January 2020. It did not always feel like home; it’s where I lived, but not home. When I started to collaborate and build the community I wanted to be a part of, then I was home. Now you know what my real estate business is all about. I want to bring you home! Where your business and family can thrive!