When meeting Amber for the first time many years ago, the conversation was easy, like we had known each other for many years. We talked about family, living in Las Vegas, and of course, hair. I have a feeling this is just her being who she is.

Fast forward a few years, and we are sitting in a salon she owns in beautiful, funky, eclectic Ferguson Downtown. If you have never worked in a salon, let me tell you, the atmosphere of the space and the people working there can be felt when you enter, making The Noise Project special on many levels.

First, Amber is a pro! When I say pro, I mean this girl can do things with hair that defies reality. Case in point, my son. He has crazy cowlick, and my resolution to fixing them was to shave his head from the time he had enough hair to shave. This is where Amber comes in. Did I mention she is also an instructor? She doesn’t just start cutting. She feels the contour of your head, determines which way your hair is growing from the root, and voila devises a plan of attack. Moral of the story? My son now has a haircut he loves, and Amber is a hair genius.

However, what really sets Amber apart is her vulnerability. After years of struggling through her own mental health crisis, she has created The Noise Project to help others. Make sure to watch her share her journey in her own words, and when you’re ready, you can find her on IG @thenoiseprojectlv.