Verazzano Pizza

Teenage Years

Since I was a teenager, there has been a little pizza shop, Verazzano Pizza, on Rainbow just South of Westcliff. It started out as a high school hangout and has evolved into our family favorite for over 30 years. Oh no, I just gave away how ancient I am! There are many reasons we continue the tradition of frequenting this establishment, of course, the pizza is AMAZING!!

However, this particular location has something that the others do not….his name is Eddie. Actually, his name is “Chef Eddie” as he was affectionately labeled a few years ago by my then 4-year-old son. Eddie was some older guy who would get cranky at the obnoxious kids who came from Bonanza High School on their lunch break. Go BENGALS! They would sit on the back of the booths. Leave messes all over the place. And the worst infraction of all, their pants down were down around their knees. This would get your uncovered butt thrown out of Eddie’s!


Fast forward 30+ years and Verazzano Pizza is still run by the same old cranky guy who doesn’t seem quite so old or cranky since time has bridged the gap in our ages. This former hangout has become our multigenerational family go-to. Not only is this our favorite pizza in Las Vegas, but the ambiance is not too bad either, and by the ambiance, yes, I mean Eddie. The previously mentioned old, cranky guy who after a few visits knows your name, your life story and how you many extra ranch dressings you’d like with your pizza. DO NOT expect hugs and kisses upon entering however if sarcasm and killer wit tickle your fancy, then you will fit right in.

Not only do my children frequent his establishment independently of me, but they bring their friends and now their own children. Then the next time I go in, after their visit I get the low down on how my kids behaved. When my sister came to visit after many years away, the first place we went to eat was at “Chef Eddie’s.”

That Ranch!

Now that the stage has been set there’s only one thing to mention, the ranch! That’s right, RANCH! I have been asking, no begging, for many years for the recipe. I have even offered to buy it a gallon at a time, this did not help my cause. Just so you know, I usually hate ranch, or maybe from a young age I was just spoiled by “Chef Eddie’s” prize-winning ranch, now all others fail by comparison. If you have been looking for a ‘neighborhood’ restaurant, this is the one.

Let me add that we no longer live near the location of Verazzano Pizza and yet one member of my family ends up here almost weekly. I have been eating Verazanno chicken fingers since I was a teenager. Which is almost as long as I’ve been begging for the ranch recipe. If you end up at Eddie’s Verrazano, you can tell him that Eileen sent you and maybe I’ll get my ranch recipe after all.


Eddie or his fantastic staff can be reached at 702-363-1090. Or you can just drop by every day of the week except Monday and pick up a slice. The address is 240 S Rainbow Boulevard at Rainbow & US 95.

Ranch update

UPDATE: the secret to the ranch is… they make it fresh every day. At least that is what the smartass owner told me the secret was.