Am I ever going to be able to buy a house? I get this question all the time and I am just here to tell you that the answer is YES! You can, and you will be a homeowner, and I have a few strategies I would love to share with you to make that dream a reality, including the possibility of rent-to-own in Las Vegas.  

Buying a home has been synonymous with the American Dream and the proof that you have entered adulthood. It is also one of many milestones that bring comfort and joy into our lives. At the same time, it can often feel like the goalposts keep moving, making the home-buying dream forever a distant goal. I know, it can feel frustrating to navigate the home-buying journey. But it doesn’t have to be! 

Homeownership Strategies

Do Your Research First

You want to buy a home, but where do you begin? The first step in our proven High Roller Method is all about discovering what your needs are. We walk through your timeline, needs, wants, and get you connected with a lender. And your timeframe for buying doesn’t have to be immediate. Actually, meeting earlier than you think you’re ready allows time to get everything in order. Deciding whether you are ready to purchase a home; is a big step and comes with many questions and unknowns. Developing a plan with experts on your team will let you know how far away the dream really is. You never know, it might be closer than you think!  And throughout this process, I am here to help.

Working with Your Family  

I’ve worked with many clients over the years, and every client has their own unique journey to home ownership. Recently, one of my clients purchased a home with her parents as co-signers. They all went in on the loan together, her parents provided the down payment, and she was able to use her parents’ credit score to lower her interest rates. Now we can fast forward a few years later, when she is ready to sell that home. The parents will receive their down payment back in full, along with fifty percent of the net profit. Talk about a win-win situation! 

I share this with you so that you understand all of your options when it comes to homeownership. And sometimes, this means asking a family member for a little help along the way. 

Next Steps to Buy a House

This is just one of the scenarios I run into all the time, but there are many more to consider. If you are ready to make BIG MOVES, let’s chat so we can see what your future holds and all the options that will get you there. You will call yourself a homeowner soon, and you have plenty of options available that will it possible and worthwhile. I am ready to help you find the home of your dreams.