Frankies Uptown

First Impressions

First of all, upon entering Frankies Uptown there is a ray of sunshine greeting you. This ray of sunshine also known as Chris Lee, co-owner of Frankies Uptown, could not be more accommodating if she tried. She makes you want to come back even before you’ve tasted the food. With that being said, the food will keep you coming back time and time again.


Frankies Uptown is smack dab in the midst of Downtown Summerlin. The owners have hit gold in my opinion with this spot. Not only are they in DTS with the buzz of traffic all around but they are in direct proximity to City National Arena and The Las Vegas Ballpark. GENIUS! Their hours also reflect the nightlife of our locals with a closing time of 2 am so whether it is after a ballgame or a night out at City National Arena, they have you covered.


There is British blood running through my veins so my affinity for Fish-N-Chips must be an inherited thing. I mostly resist the urge to order them since in most cases I have been sorely disappointed with the attempt of a said restaurant to make them to my liking. This is NOT the case at Frankies Uptown, their Fish-N-Chips are delectable! They are crisp and tender all at the same time. I might even add that the tartar sauce recipe would be one that I would buy. My recommendation would be to get to Frankies Uptown as quickly as possible. Next time I will be taking my husband instead of the kids and we’ll be trying their amazing cocktail offerings.