Red Rock Canyon Scenic Drive

The Red Rock Canyon scenic drive is a thirteen-mile drive through Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area. Throughout the drive, you can see rock formations and possible even an Antelope Ground Squirrell along the way. The scenic loop is a one way only road which makes it nice for cars and/or bicycles to traverse. There are trailheads along the way so keep your eye out for your hike as this is a one way only drive.

Cholla Cacti

Plant Life

There is a variety of plant life on display throughout the area. From flowering cacti to centuries-old Joshua trees it is always an adventure. When spring rains have been good there is a sea of flowers everywhere. Also in the spring, you will see butterfly cocoons waiting to emerge and show off their beauty in the desert.

Fossils and petroglyphs oh my


It is amazing what you might find in the desert. Once underwater this desert area is full of life and history. There are native American petroglyphs, ancient kitchens, and pictographs that have all been discovered in the canyon. Who knew the desert could be so full of ancient history?!

Animal Life

Desert Tortise

Red Rock Canyon is also full of animal inhabitants like the desert tortoise. The desert tortoise is a protected species in Clark County and should never be touched or moved. Sightings of these magnificent creatures are very rare but they can live to be eighty years old so if you frequent the canyon you may eventually see one. To see more of the canyon, the creatures who live there and the amazing plant life that thrives in the desert watch this youtube link to the video. https://youtu.be/hNLRgxghdc4

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