As a real estate advisor, my job is to help my clients find the best option for their unique situations. There is no one size fits all solutions to buying or selling a home.

The fact that there is a selling solution that eliminates the need for a real estate professional is proof of this.

What is an iBuyer?

An iBuyer, according to Wikipedia, is also referred to as an “Instant Buyer.” A real estate transaction model wherein companies purchase residential properties directly from private sellers to eventually re-sell them.

Their appeal or promise to a homeowner that meets their criteria promises a seamless, painless, easy transaction where all sides win.

While certain instances could warrant using this type of service, 99% of cases do not! Concerns a homeowner may have with the traditional home sales model should be quickly put to rest by an experienced, caring, competent real estate professional.  

As you continue to read this series about all the reasons why you should sell to an ibuyer, do not pay too much attention to my sarcastic tone; it’s just my way.

You do NOT want to do repairs!

I get it! 

The idea of having buyers come through my home and point out all the items that they think need to be fixed is not number one on my list of things to do on a Saturday.

Not to mention the shame that comes with them pointing out all of the things I have inadvertently not noticed about my home that aren’t perfect.  

But, did you know, when selling to an ibuyer you do not get a list of items that you get to negotiate to repair like in a traditional transaction?

Instead, you get a bill! That’s right! A BILL! 

So technically, you do not have to fix a thing; instead, you are paying the ibuyer to have their list of repairs fixed so they can sell your home for a higher price.

In most cases, I could negotiate a better repair outcome than the bill you would receive from an ibuyer to make your house in perfect condition before selling.

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No showings is an enormous bonus! It can feel invasive for strangers to walk through your house looking at the photos of your family on the wall.

First of all, as my client, I would suggest you put anything personal away. You’re moving anyway; pack up anything you do not want people to see, including photos of your family.

We discuss showings and preparing for them thoroughly in one of our very first meetings. You should never feel on display.

The bonus is, right now, in this hot seller’s market, you may be able to have one weekend of showings and be under contract. Of course, other factors go into this, such as pricing your home correctly.

You hate money!

Now we all know that no one hates money! But my very sarcastic point is that using a real estate professional in most cases will net you more money than selling to an ibuyer. 

While the process may seem more manageable if you decide to sell to an ibuyer, the cost of that “ease” is high. I understand that there are situations where going the ibuyer route would be an option to consider, however in today’s market, with an exceptional real estate consultant on your team, it will be easier than you think.

To show you the difference of what an ibuyer net sheet would look like vs. a net sheet using my services, I have partnered with an ibuyer company that can run the numbers, get you an offer(if your home qualifies), and you can see the difference for yourself. My goal as your premier Las Vegas Real Estate Consultant is to get you the best information to make the right decisions for your specific situation.

In Conclusion

If you have considered going the ibuyer route, I feel you. Before getting licensed 11 years ago, I was a disgruntled homebuyer and home seller. I couldn’t understand why I should pay someone who did nothing for me other than cause aggravation and mistrust for an industry.

I now have a great appreciation for those agents, advisors, negotiators, counselors who are customer-centric and genuinely looking to benefit their customers. We do exist and are here to guide you through the home-selling process. While it may not be completely pain-free, it will be with your best interest in mind, and most of the time, you will walk away with more money in your pocket to move on to your next adventure. Contact us to learn more.