If you’re thinking about moving to Southern Nevada, you will hear two popular locations a lot: Summerlin and Henderson. Both areas of town offer their own unique style and perks to the state of Nevada. While Summerlin is located at the base of Red Rock Canyon, Henderson starts on the Southeast, and the Las Vegas Strip sits comfortably in the middle. What’s the right move for you: Summerlin versus Henderson?

Before we break down what separates these two, let’s talk about what they have in common. Both sides of town can be great places to live, both include public pools, community centers, endless activities, and local hotspots. If you enjoy physical fitness and the outdoors, either community may match your needs. If you like sports, you can find sporting events on either side of town. And let’s not forget one of the largest incentives for both areas: they are both in Nevada and there is no income tax in the state of Nevada. So, which one is right for you? Let’s talk about the differences between these two communities. 


Summerlin is a highly sought-after master-planned community, built by Howard Hughes Corporation. Howard Hughes began building the masterplan for this community in the late 1980’s; with complete control over who builds in this community, as well as the aesthetic of the surrounding area. So, if aesthetics are important to you and your family (such as landscaping or building architecture), then this location may be the perfect match. One important perk to mention is that by being a Summerlin resident, you have access to the masterplan community centers, and those who are not a resident – do not have access. People flock to Summerlin not only for these reasons, but largely due to its highly regarded school reputation. Summerlin is known to have a top-notch public school system for all ages. In addition, people settle here to enjoy many attractions including parks, shopping centers, trails, casinos, and more. Everything is pretty conveniently located on that side of town, making drive times pretty short. The median home price is around $435,000 beginning of 2022, and home prices can rise into the millions from there. Summerlin homes are generally newer and some even come with amazing views. And, if you are looking for more luxurious homes, the Summit in Summerlin, is where you will find multi-million dollar homes that are guaranteed to take your breath away.  


Instead of a Master Planned Community, Henderson is actually its own city within the state of Nevada. That means Henderson comes with its own police force, fire department, parks, and everything else a typical city has. They even have their own code enforcement, which means different building requirements. Henderson began building homes in the 1940’s with new construction still being built to this day. People are drawn to this city because of its small-town charm and historically low crime rates, where it has been ranked more than once as one of the safest areas to live nationwide. Homes here start on the lower end of the pricing scale, with many more affordable single and multi-family homes. But Henderson also offers some high-end neighborhoods with million-dollar homes and some of the most amazing views of the strip and Vegas valley. 

Choosing Where to Live in Southern Nevada! 

Which area will feel most like home? No matter the debate between these two, you need a place that fits just right. It’s important to choose a place that you love, where you feel you are meant to be. To learn more about the things to do and community life in both communities, check out my Summerlin v. Henderson: Living and Community Life blog. If you are ready to find your Summerlin home, or Henderson home, let’s chat! I am here to help you find the right one.