Sean and Lisa Blanchard | The Good Wolf Lifestyle Co.

The Good Wolf Lifestyle Co. is a breath of fresh air in the Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas.  I did not know that I needed this store. Honestly, I would not be Downtown as much as I am, were it not for this store.

More accurately, I needed the combo the owners, buyers, decorators, and all-around badass duo, Sean and Lisa Blanchard.

Their teamwork and dedication to this vision of The Good Wolf Lifestyle Co. developed after a trip abroad. Their life-changing journey inspired them to step away from corporate America and join the entrepreneurial ranks.  Which, as all entrepreneurs know, means lots of working your tail off to make something incredible. We are lucky they chose a concept to be shared with the entire Las Vegas Valley and beyond.  

Amazingly every time I am in The Good Wolf Lifestyle Co., as Sean and Lisa greet people, I am intrigued to find that many of them have traveled from outside Las Vegas and somehow find themselves shopping in their store.  And most of them are there by word of mouth advertising.  

Even though the current crisis, they have found a way to stay connected to their clientele and support other businesses downtown.  Sean and Lisa are the first to name drop other companies that they frequent and trust to promote their services. I have found many a hidden gem Downtown due to Sean and Lisa’s suggestions. Being the collaborators they are, it’s easy to see why they choose Downtown Las Vegas as the home for their vision.  The Arts District Downtown is truly a collaboration of business owners who have an image for what they want Downtown Las Vegas to be, and they are working together to make that happen.

In conclusion, when shopping in The Arts District Downtown, you should make The Good Wolf Lifestyle Co. your first stop. Trust me! You will not be able to walk away without buying something. But if, on the off chance that I’m wrong, Sean and Lisa will point you in the direction of another downtown business that might have what you’re looking for.

You can follow The Good Wolf Lifestyle Co. on Instagram (@thegoodwolflv) or buy directly from their website

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